Tips for getting back in the gym and into your physical movement routine...

beliefs fitness mindful movement mindset mindsettransformation physical movement Oct 29, 2021

Getting back in the gym after weeks, months or even years is not always easy, in fact it can uncover a lot of deep routed thoughts and feelings we have around ourselves, our bodies and our worth.

Tips for getting back in the gym and back in your physical movement routine:

- Work through the negative thoughts and stories that are keeping you away from physical activity
- If we continue holding onto the beliefs of - "we don't deserve movement", "we are the only ones who have gained weight", "everyone will just stare at me", "I don't belong here", "people are judging me", "I can't do the workout and need to modify so why even bother" - we will not make the moves to take care of our bodies
- Identify that these are stories - ask yourself "is there truth/proof in these statements?"
- Rewrite how you actually desire to feel about physical movement
- Bring a buddy <3 things are always more fun with friends
- Find a place that is aligned to you, your energy, your values and that feels like a safe space to be yourself
- Give yourself GRACE, every workout will not be perfect, it may be messy, you may be sore, and all of that is NORMAL - even as a fitness professional I still feel these things on a regular basis <3

I hope these help encourage and support you to move again <3 It's one of the best things we can do for ourselves!



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