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Join me and my community on this journey called "life" as we continue to unpack the things that hold us back in our wellness routine and in life, we show up as we are, we grow together, support each other and create a space for beautiful community through all of life's twists and turns. 

A place where we learn not only how to better our wellness routine, but truly transform from the inside out.

Let's be friends and stay connected as we navigate through all stages of womanhood together! I'll be popping into your inbox periodically with wellness tips, nutrition support, prompts for reflection, recipes and more!






self awareness.

wellness freedom.

It is time to step back into the driver's seat of your wellness routine and life. To go after your biggest goals and vision with more positive energy and alignment. 

I'm a multi passionate woman who absolutely loves supporting women on their life's journey. Whether it be young adults who are stepping out into the "real world" for the first time, women on their pregnancy journeys, women in their midlife getting their fitness and nutrition in alignment,  women on their menopausal journey or women just tired of being on the hamster wheel of wellness and ready to break the cycles that are not serving them...I am here for you through every part of womanhood.

Ready to take a look inside this journey and community of nutrition tips, mindset transformation, self awareness, mental health advocacy, pregnancy/postpartum support, navigating hormones and more? 

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I’m a believer that the mind-body connection is a powerful one and one of the most important pieces of wellness.

As someone who has struggled with anxiety, depression, her own set of limiting beliefs, obsessive working out and restrictive dieting in the past.

I stand here with you today a whole new woman. 

A woman who loves her body. Who honors her needs and cares for herself. Who trusts herself. Who is massively self aware of herself and others. Who confidently sets boundaries. Who knows what styles of fitness and nutrition work for her. Who feels more joy and abundance in her life.

My coaching experiences embody all of this and more. This is you back in the driver's seat of your life and wellness. Let's get started.

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This is your time to level up your wellness and life! I look forward to talking with you more and hearing how I can support you!


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"The Wholistic Female has gifted me with a community where I am surrounded by like minded-individuals who help support my journey to become a more confident person. It has given me innumerable opportunities for holistic self-growth while cultivating a community of grace and joy."

Amanda F.

"For me, The Wholistic Female has helped to bring forth the strength, self-confidence, and happiness that has always been in me. It has helped me to embrace and love my story, and has shown me to look for, find, and most importantly, celebrate, the good in any situation."

Jamie W.
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