The Secret to Health and Wellness

beliefs fitness mindful movement mindful nutrition mindset mindsettransformation Nov 11, 2021

Want to know the secret to actually achieving our health and wellness goals?

* It's not about the "next" workout plan or overworking out, killing your body in the gym

* It's not about the "next" diet plan or restricting yourself, obsessively counting calories and macros or obsessively meal planning

* It's not about the "next" pill, shake or supplement that will "magically" heal you

IT IS *drumroll please*

Allowing yourself to become vulnerable to the deep limiting beliefs that keep you believing that these above things are the answer to your "problems". (PS: you are not broken and you are not stuck in your circumstances)

When in reality, these things are just continued external validation seeking that are leading you to believe that your value comes from something outside of your heart and are valued always...even when you have forgotten.

The secret is the deep level healing. The secret is not really a secret at all, but just something that so many are afraid to explore.

The secret is allowing yourself to be undone so you can see where your limiting beliefs, negative self talk, past conditioning, patterns, stories, etc. are "hiding" within.

Healing these pieces of us...and then...REWRITING our story honoring our bodies, minds and souls on a whole other level we have never experienced before <3


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