The "Perfect" Workout...

beliefs fitness mindful movement mindset physical movement Nov 11, 2021

The "perfect" workout is the one that you're ACTUALLY going to do! And this is not a "one size fits all" solution.

It's about moving your body with the activities that YOU enjoy, not the ones that someone else tells you is the "perfect" workout.

It doesn't need to look like a strict gym regimen, heck it doesn't even need to look like doing a workout program start to finish.

Instead, ask yourself every day..."What type of activity or physical movement does my body want to do today?"

This can look like going for a walk one day, lifting like a beast in the gym the next, practicing yoga the day after that, taking a rest day when your body tells you it needs it, high intense cardio after that rest get to decide!

This allows physical movement to be so much more integrated into your life because we aren't feeling like we "can't" do other workouts when our body gets bored of one workout schedule....just keep MOVING <3 and have FUN with it!


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