The Myth: Eating Healthy is Expensive

mindful eating mindful nutrition mindset mindsettransformation Oct 29, 2021

The myth: It's expensive to eat nutrient dense food or "healthy".

Processed and prepared food prices have been climbing a bit more lately, but I haven't noticed much of a difference in good old fruits and vegetables ;) Especially when eating in season.

I think being stuck in this idea of "fresh food is more expensive" is actually coming from a fear or lack of knowledge on how to actually PREPARE them.

AND in my experience, can also come from generational and societal conditioning. (aka repeating the story that being healthy is too expensive)

Eating seasonal vegetables and fruits can actually be pretty inexpensive.

I receive fresh organic produce delivered to my door and rarely spend more than $25 per week when you break it down. Local farm markets are also a great way to learn more about seasonal fruits and veggies while supporting your local community <3

Eating more nutrient dense foods also of course supports our immune function and overall wellness...which in the long run also can save us $$$ on medical bills ;)

Our mindset around the story that eating nutrient dense foods is really what holds us back...break the story, break the cycle <3

Be curious about cooking and learning more about nutrient dense foods.

It will change your life and the lives of your future little ones <3


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