5 Ways to Help Navigate Seasonal Transitions & Cold Weather Blues

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If I’m being completely transparent with you, the change in seasons has always been very difficult for me. It wasn’t until the last few years that I really became aware of this pattern within myself…you know how it is; the lack of energy, lower motivation, wanting to hibernate inside by the fire and just watch movies all day long, not wanting to leave your house once the weather changes, procrastinating on things a bit more than usual and just generally feeling a bit more down and out.

This conversation has been coming up a lot with my close friends and my clients, and I wanted to share some of the ways that have helped me navigate seasonal changes and transitions in hopes that they can help you during these times too: 


1) Know that it is completely normal and common to feel this way.

Let’s face it, we as humans don’t like change. Pair that with less sunshine (aka vitamin D), colder weather and more darkness in the day, it’s no wonder that 10 million Americans struggle with seasonal affective disorder (Madeleine O’Keefe, BU Today, Boston University). 

Women are affected by this 4 times more than men. Whether you actually have SAD or if you feel the seasonal blues a bit more than others, know that you are not alone and don’t be afraid to ask for support.


2) Be aware of how it affects you and allow yourself to feel the feels.

One of the biggest disservices we can do to our emotional state is to shove the unwanted emotions down instead of allowing ourselves to feel them and gently move through them. Hiding or ignoring our emotions isn’t going to serve us, instead it will just continue to build a bigger yucky emotion mountain inside of us. 

Allow yourself to feel the feels. Whether that means journaling them out, sitting with them peacefully, doing some meditative reflection, going for a car ride and bumping your favorite jams or talking it out…don’t push against the negative feels, allow for them, listen to them, move through them.


3) Write down your favorite things about this new season.

As I write this we are in the seasonal transition of fall, one of my favorite times of year. While I experience bouts of seasonal blues, one of the best medicines for me has been identifying my favorite things about this season so that I can shift into gratitude for this time of year instead of focusing on the blues. Here are some of my favorite fall activities: 

    • Decorating our home
    • Going to the pumpkin patch
    • Flower and apple picking
    • Crocheting
    • Crafting
    • Making comfort foods in the crockpot or pressure cooker
    • Baking
    • Watching Halloween movies and shows
    • Going to a haunted house
    • Going to fall festivals
    • Enjoying everything pumpkin spice ;)


4) Schedule in the time to do your favorite things.

Now it’s time to take action! It’s not just about making the list, it’s about actually taking intentional time to do your favorite things. Sit down and get it on the calendar. Our favorite things deserve to be a non-negotiable in our lives. 

Just as much as serving our body well, we deserve to serve our SOUL well with the things that spark joy in our lives. Especially during times of feeling a little low.


5) Go WITH the season instead of against it.

Does anyone else remember seeing the hype of “hygge” all over the internet? Do you know that other than just being a funny looking word, hygge (pronounced “hooga”) is the Danish practice of coziness and comfort that inflicts contentment or well-being. It is their practice always, but what struck me was how they navigate the colder seasons. Dimly lit lighting, candles, fuzzy blankets and socks, something freshly baking in the oven, soups brewing, reading nooks, movies by the fire, family board game nights…all of these things are part of this practice. 

They have mastered going WITH the season instead of against it. I believe we can do this same thing by becoming aware of our mindset around the seasons. Instead of complaints of the cold weather, of the shorter days and lack of sunshine…what if we focused instead on all of the coziness and wonder of the colder seasons in our lives?

I would love to hear what your favorite seasonal activities are and hear about your plans for the EXCITING parts of this new season! 


Comment, email, message and share your favorite tips from this blog to navigate seasonal transition and blues! And be sure to share this with your family and friends that may need a little extra love and support during this season.


Until next time…



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