Satisfied vs. Full

mindful eating mindful nutrition Oct 12, 2021
Satisfied vs. Full
These two terms so similar, but when we are trying to retrain our bodies to "eat when we are hungry, and stop when we are satiated" these two terms can feel like two very different things to people.
This has been something I have been exploring more with my clients because many have shared that "full" for them actually is a feeling of being OVERLY full, which is not what we are going for when we practice mindful eating.
We are actually shooting for feeling "satisfied", and we stop eating at this point.
So, instead of calorie counting, restricting, macro counting, measuring/weighing food, etc.
It gets to become...
  • all food is "on the table" or in other words nothing is "off limits"
  • UNLESS you CHOOSE for it to be something you don't eat because you are aware that a food is doing your body a disservice (ie: true intolerances, foods affecting pre-existing conditions, etc.)
  • notice how when we CHOOSE to not eat it because it is doing us a disservice, it's coming from a more empowered place - not the "I can't" have this so now I want it more mentality
  • we allow ourselves to eat when we are hungry, even the things that we have previously labeled as "bad"
  • we work on NOT labeling foods as "good vs. bad" and instead notice how all foods we eat actually make us FEEL
  • food is now "nutrient dense or fun/play food" - just like recess at school, there is room for both ;)
  • we stop when we are SATISFIED, not overly full to the point of discomfort
Yes nutrient dense eating is important, and so is allowing yourself to eat the foods you love that you (or society) has previously labeled as "bad".
We want what we can't have, which is why diets don't work long term.
Instead it's asking ourselves "Does this honor my body?"...and I'm here to tell you that sometimes a cookie, or brownie, or pizza, or buffalo wings do honor us...with joy <3  Then stopping when we are satisfied with these foods. And when they're always available to us? We don't nearly crave them as often ;)
No more guilt, no more shame, no more negative attachment to food.
Speaking from personal experience, it is one of the most freeing feelings you will ever know!
xoxo, Jess 
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